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SC2-6 Setup

SC2 install HUD brackets

Step 1.

Attach HUD brackets to the SC2-6 base using a phillips head screwdriver (washers and bolts provided). Position as shown with slots facing inward and the high side of the brackets towards the front (logo side).

SC2 remove blue protective film

Step 2.

Remove the protective blue shipping film from the lens and beamsplitter glass.

SC2 insert HUD glass

Step 3.

Insert the beamsplitter glass into the HUD bracket's slot.

SC1 cockpit placement

Step 4.

Install your SC2-6 in your simulator's HUD location and measure the distance from the rear of the unit to your main screen. Note the distance in inches.

SC2 adjust monitor depth

Step 5.

Use the rear handle to move the internal monitor forward or backward to the position measured in Step 4. This will collimate the HUD image to the surface of your main screen. Make slight adjustments to the monitor position until your HUD's image appears correctly at the surface of your main screen.

Monitor connections- DC and video

Step 6.

Connect DC power (provided 12V cable) and connect a video cable from your PC to the HDMI input of the SC2-6.

SC1 Display settings

Step 7.

Right-click on your desktop and select 'Display Settings'. Your OS will recognize your new HUD monitor with a 1024 x 768 resolution. Arrange your monitor configuration as desired and click 'Apply'.

SC1 adjust HUD tilt angle

Step 8.

From the top menu select 'Simulations' then select your simulator of choice from the drop-down menu to view configuration guidance & tips for that sim. Your SC2-6 beamsplitter glass has an adjustable tilt angle from 38° - 52°. During operation, adjust the tilt as desired and use the thumb screws to fix the tilt angle.

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