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AOA Indexers

Naval & Air Force
Angle of Attack Indexers

Air Force AOA Indexer
NAVY AOA Indexer

Naval AOA Indexer

Air Force AOA Indexer

Pilots rely on an aircraft's Angle of Attack when flying landing approaches. If you want to achieve the perfect landing, whether it be with an F-16 on a runway or an F-18 on an aircraft carrier, AOA indexers provide the visual cues needed to get the job done properly. Improve your landing approaches with an AOA Indexer!

NAVY Angle of Attacke Indexer

— Slow / High AOA —

— On speed / Optimum AOA —

— Fast / Low AOA —

Naval AOA Indexer

Air Force Angle of Attack Indexer

Air Force AOA Indexer

Both the Naval and AF AOA Indexers are compatible with:

  • DCS World via DCS Bios (freeware)

  • MSFS2020 via Air Manager (AM)

  • P3D via AM

  • FSX via AM

  • FS9 via AM

  • X-Plane via AM

Air Force AOA indexer
Naval AOA indexer

The Naval and Air Force AOA Indexers come preloaded for DCS World aircraft:

  • Naval AOA: F/A-18C and F-14B

  • AF AOA: F-16C

AOA Specifications

Powered by Arduino Nano

3D printed with ABS carbon fiber

Dimensions: 0.8"w x 2.15"t x 4.5"d

Weight: 2.2 oz.

Connection: USB A - USB Mini B (6' cable included)

Power: 5V via USB

Naval AOA indexer in action

Naval AOA Indexer

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