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Currently, the only military aircraft which has been verified to allow moving and resizing of the HUD image is Asobo Studio's F/A-18 Super Hornet.

Please note:

*Configuration guidance provided is for Windows Operating Systems. Mac OS X testing in process.

*It is recommended to set your desktop background to solid black since your HUD monitor becomes

an extension of your desktop area. Not all HUD images fill the HUD's internal monitor screen completely

and desktop background images & colors will be visible around exported HUD images.

1. While in the cockpit, hold the right-Alt button down on your keyboard, move your mouse pointer over the HUD and a '+' sign will appear. Left-click to pop out the HUD's image.

Asobo F/A-18 for MSFS2020

2. Click and drag any corner to resize the HUD window and click and drag the image to your DT1, SC1 or SC2-6 screen area.

F/A-18 HUD popped out

3. Position and resize as desired.

4. Press the 'End' key from inside the cockpit and this will change your view to external. Make sure to turn on the HUD display under 'User Experience'.

A free program to help pop out, save and position panels is MSFS Popout Panel Manager by Hawkeye-Stan. This tool allows you to place pop out panels/windows onto your screen or another monitor at predetermined locations automatically. Download this helpful utility by going to the link below and clicking on ''. Helpful information and videos on how to use are included there.

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