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Latest News & Announcements

November 1, 2023

New Cockpit HUD Released! SC2-6

Due to the tremendous feedback from our followers, Heads Up View is proud to introduce the newest model of HUDs to our collection: The new SC2-6! Many have requested a smaller form factor than our SC1 for a cockpit HUD. In response we've reduce the width from 9" down to 7.7". The all-aluminum enclosure of the new SC2-6 features a 6" collimator lens and the same benefits of the SC1 including an adjustable collimation distance of 13" - 64", adjustable HUD glass tilt angle from 38° - 52° and a bright 600 nits internal LCD monitor. The most attractive feature of the SC2-6 is the option of F-16 or F-18 HUD style brackets! Click the button below to learn more about our latest addition to our heads up displays: The new SC2-6!

October 9, 2023

Angle of Attack Indexers Released

Air Force AOA indexer
Naval AOA indexer

Pilots rely on an aircraft's Angle of Attack when flying landing approaches. If you want to achieve the perfect landing, whether it be with an F-16 on a runway or an F-18 on an aircraft carrier, AOA indexers provide the visual cues needed to get the job done properly. The Naval & Air Force style AOA Indexers are compatible with Prepar3D, FSX, FS9, MSFS2020 and DCS World. Angle of Attack indexers are a match made in the heavens for any heads up display! Learn more by clicking the buttons below.

September 1, 2023

Skyward Flight Media reviews our DT1

Skyward Flight Media logo

We thank Skyward Flight Media for taking an in-depth look at our DT1 heads up display for desktop pilots in their first official hardware review of 2023. From unpackaging to flying, Skyward FM delivers an objective and detailed anaylsis of our DT1 HUD. Their lengthy article covers important aspects of the DT1 such as hardware setup, software configuration and, of course, the exprience of flying with a genuine heads up display! Click on their logo above or the image below to read this detailed and informative DT1 hardware review from Skyward Flight Media.

Skyward Flight Media DT1 hardware review

August 27, 2023

Air Combat Sim podcast features H.U.V.

Air Combat Sim logo

Catch the latest episode of the Air Combat Sim podcast courtesy of Authentic Media.

In this interview featured in 'ACS Gear Episode 1', show host Rob Grady asks many great questions

about Heads Up View, our products, challenges, goals and future plans for his growing audience. In this episode,

Rob takes an in-depth look at Heads Up View's business perspective, product warranty & service commitments

as well as some of the exciting new developments in the works. Click the Air Combat Sim logo above or the screen capture below to view the full podcast episode. Many thanks to Rob and Authentic Media for allowing us the opportunity to discuss our affordable HUDs for Flight Simulation!

ACSP screenshot

August 10, 2023

Proud sponsor of Skyward Flight Media

Skyward Flight Media Logo

Heads Up View is proud to announce our sponsorship of Skyward Flight Media. Skyward Flight Media is an aviation enthusiast company that creates content about flight games and simulators across all levels of realism from past to present. Look for their upcoming review of our DT1 heads up display! Click the logo above to visit Skyward Flight Media and check out their latest articles, reviews, interviews and much, much more!

July 20, 2023

Prepar3D Version 6 Released

P3D lv6 logo

For Prepar3D users, Heads Up View is proud to announce our compatibility with Lockheed Martin's new Prepar3D v6. Because of Prepar3D's user friendly platform and built-in undocking feature for aircraft panels, extracting 2D HUDs to our heads up displays is easier than ever. Prepar3D's continuous improvements, open architecture and flexibility are why it remains our simulation platform of choice. Click the Prepar3D logo above or visit to learn more about Lockheed Martin's latest version of Prepar3D- version 6! Click on the image below to see our mention on Lockheed Martin's Prepar3d website.

P3D HUV article
Test HUD with P3Dv6

Prepar3D v6 with HUV Test HUD

July 6, 2023

HUD Replica Requests

With the recent introduction of our new and exciting Heads Up Displays, we have had some requests for specific aircraft HUD replicas such as the F/A-18 and F-16 HUD blocks. Currently, Heads Up View's primary focus is providing standardized HUDs to all flight simulation aviators at an affordable price. Replicating specific aircraft HUD blocks, and the manufacturing requirements associated with it, pushes retail pricing well beyond our current goals and market objectives. We appreciate all the feedback and requests we are receiving from our fast growing list of followers. It is possible, in the future, we may add HUD replicas to our product list when we are prepared to do so.

As it stands today, we will remain focused on our mission objective- Providing genuine Heads Up Displays and making them accessible to all flight simulation aviators. Thank you! Heads Up View LLC

July 1, 2023

Flight Simulation Expo 2023

Fligh Sim Expo logo
Diesel Thunder interviews Heads Up View at the Flight Sim Expo 2023

Jamie, host of the 'Diesel Thunder' podcast, stopped by our booth to check out our new and exciting Heads Up Displays. Check out his podcast episode covering the 2023 Flight Simulation Expo in Houston, Texas, June 23rd - 25th 2023 which features our products starting at the 22:14 time stamp by clicking the image or visiting the direct link at

FSA logo
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