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Our Mission

"Providing affordable, high quality heads up displays to

the growing community of flight sim enthusiasts."

~ Dan Hall, Founder & CEO

About Us

Heads Up View is located in beautiful Roxborough Park, Colorado and

was founded by Dan Hall. Dan currently serves as a Senior Radio Frequency Technician

with one of the largest Aerospace companies in the world and has over 20 years experience specializing in radio frequency systems and tuning of micro-RF circuitry for all types of satellites both military and commercial.

Roxborough Park

Dan's passion for flight simulation began many years ago when desktop PCs

first became available. Having flown in the T-45C jet simulator trainers at the U.S. Naval Air Base in Kingsville, TX , but unable to join the NAVY to fly real fighter jets at the old age of 27,

Dan decided to experiment with cockpit building and simulator design on his own

with a focus on modern fixed wing military aircraft.
   It was over a decade ago that he built his 1st protoytpe heads up display system for his small jet simulator. Having realized there were no heads up displays available for flight sim enthusiasts

and PC pilots, Dan decided to create something he felt the market was missing...

which brings us to today.
   Finally, genuine heads up displays for those who want to push their

flight simulation experience to the next level.

   Thank you sincerely for visiting Heads Up View!

Founder Dan Hall with his small jet simulator
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